66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Q & A

1. How to fix it so it will down-shift by itself when it's supposed to.

2. Should I be worried that I have no dust cover on my transmission?

3. If someone could tell me what the difference is between the 2 levers (4.2 and 5.1) and how they each make the trans shift it would be appreciated.

4. I don't know what type of converter to use on my new 440. It is rebuilt but not hopped up too much.

5. I would like to upgrade the shift qualities of my 66 Chargerís 727 transmission.

6. Whats the proper ATF fluid to use in our old style 727 automatics? The new Chrysler recommended ATF +3/+4, or the older Dexron II?.

7. I'm looking too buy a Hemi transmission cooler off of Ebay and I'm not sure what the right measurments are.

8. Does anyone know if the band adjustment specs are the same for a 68 727 compared to a 66 727?