66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Transmission Q & A

Submitted by Bob Spelic on 1/13/04
I used the Trans-Go kit in my race car and in my tow vehicle. You can set the harshness of the shifts. Directions were straight forward and the kit comes with a video. The video and the written instructions conflict some times, but if you follow the written instructions you can�t go wrong. The trans-go kit keeps the same shift pattern as stock because you use your valve body. The kit is around $100 from Summit or Jegs.
Submitted by John Borris on 1/13/04
I installed a later model slant 6 valve body....don't worry, they are the same but they have the part throttle down shift. Also when the valve body is out, leave out the spring that falls out when you remove the valve body from underneath the car. This spring softens the shifts and that is when slippage occurs. By removing the spring the shifts are crisp and no worries about slippage If you want more than this, you will have to get a shift kit to suit your needs
Submitted by Greg Rose on 1/13/04
Get the Turbo Action shift kit. About $30 and an easy upgrade. Great for a daily driver.
Submitted by Ken Scobel on 3/28/04
The kit (I installed) includes a new kickdown servo piston and spring, plus a tube which replaces a spring in the accumulator, basically making the accumulator non functional. The valve body has to be dropped to be able to access both items. The line pressure adjustment is also turned up for improved, quicker shifts, and less slip between the clutches and plates. One point however, the transmission has to be in good operating condition before installation of this kit.