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Submitted by Dan on 2/3/04
My auxiliary Hemi tranny cooler is missing. Didn't even know I was supposed to have one until I was at the Reunion in Osage Beach. I don't believe there's any universal aftermarket cooler that's the right size (at least I've never found one) since it mounted up behind the left headlight with special brackets. Jack's Auto Parts has the reproduction. The price was $425.00 a couple of years ago. (one of the reasons I haven't replaced mine yet) Plus the cooler in the radiator seems to be doing the job just fine. The other problem is the lines are another $69.95 and there's a note that says they won't fit a 66/67 Charger with hidden headlights. Here's the links to Jack's.

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A friend of mine runs a street rod shop and sells a cooler for about $69.00 that's about 26" long and only about 2" high. It would fit very nicely along the bottom of the radiator. I've considered using one of these but like I said so far I've done nothing. I've put about 12,000 miles on the Charger in the last 3 1/2 years and so far no tranny problems. Plus there always seems to be somewhere else that $500 needs to go. LOL