66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Transmission Q & A

Submitted by Aarin on 3/23/04
MOST 727 trans band adjustments are the same, but you will find certain applications do differ. I believe the real reason for this is the different KD servo rocker ratio that was used on some of the hi performance units.

Due to the different ratio, a different "number of turns" were used for the setting. I have read that the 'experts' set the gap between the servo and rocker at a certain measurement and disregard the # of turns. I use an allen key as a feeler gauge to do it that way. I beilive it is 5/16, but I could check. Long story short - if the little number on the side of the KD rocker is the same, set them the same.

PS - 904 settings are different, especially the low / reverse band. If you set a 727 to 904 specs you will burn this band up