66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Q & A

1. Can I go to my local UAP and order a '67 dual piston master cylinder and it will directly bolt on to my '66 bracket?

2.After the car warms up the idle is lower but if I had to panic stop ,the car won't. Do you think I should try bleeding the brakes ?

3.Was the brake booster on 66 Chargers different if the car was power drum brakes or power disc brakes?

4.Changed over to a 67 master cylinder and put a new power booster on but can't get the power brakes to work.

5. Yesterday I installed a new brake booster on my 66 Charger. The booster Auto Zone gave me has no indention were the master cylinder bolts up. Should I remove the spacer?

6. Where can I find that little cable for the brake adjuster for the rear wheels on my 66?