66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Brakes Q & A


John in Ottawa: Was the brake booster on 66 Chargers different if the care was power drum brakes or power disc brakes? The most common type I see is the Bendix type that has a metal band around it to hold the two halves together. The other type is held together by tangs that necessitates turning the two halves in opposite directions to separate them. Are these boosters interchangeable?


John Mizzi: I have recently run into this problem myself, the boosters are different for drum and disk, so far I could not get one in Ontario but I was able to get mine rebuilt ( I have drums ) through a distributor in Toronto. According to the original 67 dodge service manual there are actually three boosters available.
1. Midland Ross this used a clamp ring held by screw and nut this is known as a tandem diaphram
2.Bendix, it twists together, single diaphram
3.Bendix, it is crimped together, tandem diaphram.
Midland Ross seems to be the most popular since it is the only one they show you can rebuild and it is the one I have and have seen the most.