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 R/T Specialties has most of what you need but is usually more expensive and not as a complete kit.

"Fuzzies" or Window Wiskers

Submitted by: Paul Q on 02/07/06

The easiest way to replace the rear quarter fuzzies is to remove the inner door panels, and remove the lower window stops. Then, the window will drop down far enough to let you change the fuzzies out.

Submitted by : Aarin on 02/05/06

If you want original type appearing windowfelts or catwhiskers, DO NOT buy the parts manufactured by PUI. They do not have the flocked wiper on the outer, merely using the same material as the inner, which is a poor copy of the correct type. The original inner is a very dense "bristle" effect, with a squared off look (like a flat-top brush cut). This PUI junk is a softer, less dense material with a rounded off cross-section.

I looked at a vendor (Deutschman Automotive) at a swap meet last week. He had a no-name package which contained the spitting image of the PUI stuff which I have no use for.

Submitted by: Greg Rose on 02/09/06

Lengendary Auto Interiors
Part #:  WS/66WX10708    66/67 Charger Fstbk 8pc weath strp   
Price:  $88.00
There are uppers & lowers for the back.

Window Regulators

Submitted by:  Bob Christiano on 04/08/07

Front not the same
2802804 - 5 (R/L) manual
2999682 - 3 (R/L) electric

2583034 - 5 (R/L) manual
2583762 - 3 (R/L) electric

The Coronet is not the same as Charger. Regulator stem is shorter on Coronet because of the thinner door panel.

Power Window Switches

From Collectors Auto Supply - posted by: XP29H72 on 11/12/05

Part #
2580613 RBLT $225 20 4-GANG Power Window SWITCH


$495 1 4-GANG Power Window SWITCH
New Old Stock
65 FULL SIZE EX IMP; P, D, C 66-68

Switch Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

Posted by: Bryan (A383Wing) on 04/06/06

If the motor goes down, but not up, then problem is probably in one of the switches...either the master or the single switch.... power and ground runs through both switches to complete the circut. A lot of times when the switch is in the "rest" postition, the contacts will not touch, then when you push the switch either way, then the circut will be completed.

If you are having trouble with one of the rear windows, try swapping out with one of the other single switches. How you need to test for voltage is get to the 2 wires that connect to the motor in question, either un-hook the wire connector or leave it in, put your test light on those 2 wires...then try your switch...if it lights one direction but not the other, then problem is one of the switches.

Usually a DC motor that works in one direction will work in the other direction.

Glass Replacement

Posted by: Al on 06/26/03

The 1966 charger rear quarter tempered glass is 30"x16" with a slight curve. a large window bottom channel is bonded to the bottom of the glass and the glass front edge is bonded to a metal weatherstrip.

In everyday use the window drops a little and then pivots in the rear to continue down and back along the front travel guide. Swivel type rollers are used on the front and rear travel guides. Removing BOTH travel guides makes repairs easier.

The front travel guide uses 2 roller assemblies. the 2 rollers are removable and fit slots in the window bottom channel. The rear travel guide uses a single roller which comes out of its slot when the travel guide is removed. All rollers are swiveled to ease adjustment in the travel guides.

To remove glass you must remove the seat and the arm rest. Remove 2 screws from the bottom of the trim pad. Remove the rear light cover. Remove the garnish moulding by gently prying the 5 clips up(the clips pass through the door panel and into holes in the quarter panel). Remove 5 screws to remove the weatherstrip under the garnish moulding. remove plastic water shield (?). Remove door opening rubber guard-4 screws. Pry 2 side clips to remove electric regulator switch. Remove trim pad. Remove travel stops. 2 7/16" bolts hold front, 1 holds rear.

Disconnect 2 regulator arms. Front arm has roller assembley that sits in a slotted hole in bottom window channel. Rear arm sits in a hole in bottom window channel held by snap ring.

Jockey glass around till you can reach into rear access hole and pry snap ring off pin freeing rear regulator arm. To free front regulator arm, pry snap ring off holding roller and pull roller off regulator arm.

To remove rear travel guide-remove top nut and bottom screw-pull guide down a little, twist to release swivel roller from bottom window channel.

To remove front travel guide-remove upper and lower nut-tilt glass till rear of glass is tilting down--pull front travel guide down to free it from top roller-pull down more till guides slides off bottom roller. Carefully take guide out. slide roller assemblies out through enlarged holes of their slotted holes. Now remove glass-tilt glass inward-lift up and out.

To install window. hold assembly (glass and bottom window channel) in rolled up position with bottom channel just inside belt line (belt line area is about where your arm would rest) tilt glass to the rear, put 2 front travel rollers in their slots in bottom window channel. Prop or hold glass, EASE in front travel guide, GENTLY push guide up and EASE it on to bottom front travel roller. Slowly push guide up til it slides onto top front travel roller. Once front travel guide is engaged with its rollers level/straighten glass and while holding up install guide bolt and screw. LIGHTLY tighten front guide.

While holding glass up EASE rear travel guide in. position guide so that swivel roller engages slot in bottom window channel. Now replace and LIGHTLY install rear guide.

Install and hold front regulator roller in its slot while the front regulator arm is EASED in. secure front regulator arm with snap ring. Install rear regulator arm using snap ring.

Check window travel (will glass roll up/down?). install front/rear top travel stops. adjust travel guides and stops for correct travel and contact with roof and front door glass. Tighten travel guide bolts and screws. Reinstall trim.