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New Glass

Posted by C. Petry on 11/06/2005

I'm in touch with a glass company that will reproduce the rear window for the 66-67 charger. The catch is they need about 15-20 orders to start production. The glass will be new, and tinted. Price will be announced if the 15-20 orders are met. Let me know if anyone is interested.

C Petry!!!

Old Glass

Posted by Roger Bohl on 11/06/2005

I must have 4 or 5 of them here and one sitting at Hoopity's in K.C., Mo

Roger Bohl


(collected from Yahoo Archives by: Rick (Hemifury))

Posted by: Andy Mark-Z

The instructions I have on putting the windshield and rear window in is to put the rubber on the windshield with the sealer in the grove and then take a small nylon rope and put it in the grove that fits on the car. Have someone put pressure on the outside and with one end of the rope sticking inside the car start pulling on the rope from inside the car. Don't forget to put sealer in both groves should be a clear sealer, Permatex makes a good one.

Posted by: Larry H in WV

Old school glass installation...before nylon...when all the sky was dark...twine was used...and was continued to be used by Ma Mopar. Never wasted any existing stock...even had her boys roll up their kite twine. See your shop manual...always a handy little reference ... 1967 edition...Body frame section...23/67...there are Charger specific instructions.

Posted by: Jeff

Rubber on the glass, start at the bottom. Have a bud apply a constant pressure to the outside of the glass while someone inside works the rubber flap over the body flange a little at a time, working both sides up to the top. I used butyl rubber glass sealer in the glass groove of the gasket before putting it on the window. I put some of that soft "press in place" 3M black sealing strips in the body groove of the gasket before installing it. Big tricks are, must be warm so gasket will flex nicely, and all the fiberglass panels must be out of the interior around the window. I used the original gasket in this with no leaks at all.