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Posted by Jim "Left Coast" Rose on 02/06/08

Here's the best deal around:

P S Autoglass Inc.

Editor's Note: my guy at Safelite Auto Glass says the windshield is still available at most any large glass places - he quoted the part number while standing there looking at a rock chip I was getting repaired. BTW - not a bad way to go to repair a small chip or crack.

Posted by David Walker on 06/10/03

Replacing the windshield on my daily driven '66 was a huge experience. The following is a list of costs and suppliers:





Glass 0.25" Safety Glass Glass Masters or any local shop $125.00
Rubber Gasket # 40-0448-50 Steele Rubber $137.40
Trim Molding Clips # 1000081A R/T Specialties $24.00
Glazing Compound # 496-8509-96 Steele Rubber $9.70
Clear Sealer # 496-8551-96 Steele Rubber $10.80
Skill and Patience # 0 higherpower priceless

Steele Rubber suggests trimming the gasket where it rides over the clips but this is not always necessary. They also admit that the curve in the lower corners is not exact and may result in some buckling of the rubber inside where it lays on the dash.

There are many details an installer will perform, but this is the installation sequence.
1. Clean the area completely.
2. Apply the glazing compound around the opening.
3. Place the rubber gasket in the opening on the compound.
4. Put the glass in at the bottom first and work the gasket into place moving to the top.
5. Apply the clear sealer between the glass and the rubber.

Posted by Big Sugar on 06/27/08
  • Fit the Gasket in the window opening and lubricate with 50/50 dishsoap/water or Spray window cleaner or silicone spray.
  • Then set Glass in the lower Gasket slit lay it back and simply slip it into the gasket moving equally on either side using a plastic tool.
  • Then seal around the glass between the Glass and the gasket with Butul or RTV silicone and lock the gasket.
  • On the Rear we laid a 1/8" + 3/8" strip of black Butul tape along the top side of the pinch weld, lubricated it with soapy water,
  • Then installed the window with the gasket already on the glass with 3/16" rope wrapped around and taped to bottom center.
  • Then lay the glass flat in the opening , and once your centered out simply begin pulling carefully on the left and right ropes to ease the gasket over the pinchweld.
  • Take Caution over the corners as the gasket may be a little weak there.
  • Set glas in fully and lighty slapo your hand around the perimiter to ensure the glass is fully seated in the rubber.
  • Check to ensure the rubber looks consistant on both inside and out.
  • Once your happy let the window sit a few days the soapy solution will dry away and the butul tape will /should take hold.