66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Vent Windows

Submitted by: Daniel D on 02/07/2006

The only company I know of, that manufactures weather stripping and the rubber seal is ProudRoad Inc. They are wholesaler and refuse to sell direct. You have to go through Paddock

The part number is: CF5710002

Price 99.95 per set (2)

Submitted by Don Hayton on 02/07/2006

Hardens Muscle Car World has them also.

Part Number: 2932230
Price (2005 Catalogue):  $42.25
Telephone: 1 800 633 4690

Q & A


C. Petry: I need the plastic-felt piece that attaches to the foward edge of the door glass.  It keeps the door glass in the foward channel,the chrome piece that the vent wing glass is in. Anyone had the door windows out will know what it is.


Don Hayton: You can get this from the Dodge dealer if they have any left. The part number is 2932230 and the cost is $36.95


Lester Duncan: Can anyone tell me how to disassemble the bent wing chrome trim from the front door bent glass assembly.
This is the piece that has the wrench-like end that the top-half is chrome plated and connects to the main window channel (which is stainless steel). This piece is badly pitted, and I need to get it rechromed. The chrome shop wants me to bring it in tomorrow. I am having a hard time removing the phillip's screw at the upper topmost corner of the bent glass assembly. Once this screw is removed, it appears that I have to grind the rivets off for the bottom horizontal piece that the bent wing bottom swivel and lock is attached to.


John Paseman: The window channel is attached to the chrome vent frame with factory peened over studs that arebuilt in to the vent frame. The bad news is, it was assembled at the factory and the only way to remove it is to grind off the peend over stud. The good news is the factory built (2) studs at each location and only one is peened over initially. This gives you one shot at replacement after removal.