66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Disc Brake Conversion

You can use 73-76 A-Body or 70-74 E-Body for a disc brake conversion. C-Body brakes will not work.
Here are a few articles on disc brake conversion submitted by group members:
Dan McCormack Don Dodson Paul Quintin Bob Spelic Mike Egan


Changing the single pot MC Adding a proportioning valve

Parts and Numbers

Posted by: Dan Patterson 05/28/03

10" shoes from Kragen, Raybesto's part number 169PG, listed for Cornet not Charger

Posted by: Jeff 06/02/03

The part numbers for Chargers are:
67-69 FRONT DRUM 10 X 1 3/4 FRONT 445 REAR 331
65-72 FRONT DRUM 11 X 2 1/2 FRONT 336 REAR 335
65-72 FRONT DRUM 10 X 2 1/2 FRONT 333 REAR 333 MOST COMMON
These part numbers are from Grizzly but are universal in the aftermarket brake industry. There are several interchange numbers. Other makers may use the interchange numbers to simplify their line.

Posted by: Fred Davis 06/19/03

re: Brake Booster - NAPA or other parts stores will order one for you. I just ordered one from Auto Zone. It was $79.00 plus core charge. Usually it is a 2 day delivery time

Posted by: Dan McCormack on 08/01/03

If you're looking for the stock rotors for a 66-69 B body 4 piston caliper brakes Master Power Brakes has them but they ain't cheap. Part # RT2944954. $169.95 each. Here's the link: http://www.mpbrakes.com/chryacc.htm