66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Disc Brake Conversion

Posted by: Bob Spelic on 06/02/04
I will be putting together the A-body disc brake conversion kit for use in the B-body car. It will consist of the following parts:

Spindle from 73 to76 A- Body (only the A-body spindle will be used)
The spindle will be sandblasted and primered

New disc/drum dual reservoir Master cylinder (1)
New Rotors (2)
New inner and outer bearings (2 sets)
New rear bearing seal (2)
New hoses ('75 duster) (2)
New Pads (2 sets)
New Caliper (2)
New Hardware kit for caliper (2)

All the "new" parts will be '75 Duster components, from a local parts discounter (such as Auto Zone) as that is what I used and I know they work.

The cost for the kit will be $500 plus actual shipping charges to your location. Any/all component(s) can be powder coated to meet your specifications at an extra cost that will be negotiated if desired. I have a powder coater that is one of the sponsors for my race car and his price should be very competitive.