66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Disc Brake Conversion

Posted by Don Dodson

My choice for converting to disk brakes is with Master Power Performance Brakes out of Mooresville, NC. They have a kit for B body Mopars and everything comes in the kit including the booster if so desired at a very resonable price. They have the kit for $795.00 and they run specials on them from time to time.

The idea that the rims must be 15 inch rims is FALSE. I am running 14 inch rims that are 7 inches wide, and I think most people here have seen the rims as they are the 14 inch Magnum 500 rims obtained from Paddox. Coker has the rims along with numerous vendors.

Coker also has the Redline tires in case anyone is interested. I suggest the radial tires. Futher details about my setup can be obtained at Master Power Performance Brakes at 1-888-251-2353, The Paddox at 1-800-428-4319 and Coker Tire at 1-800-251-6336 my reference for 3/8 inch redline tires P225/75R14 is stock number 546093 and at my last pricing is $147.00 a piece. Chrome valve stems stock number 5004 is $1.95 each.

My suggestion is to stay with 14 inch rims so that you can use the spare tire well in the trunk and maintain the original stance of owning a first generation Charger.