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Posted by David Walker on 04/14/07

Check out my relatively successful installation of Classic Air "Perfect Fit" system at Charlene's A/C

Posted by Charger Andy on 05/26/03

I used Classic Auto Air for my lines for the AC system and the Ranco valve rebuild. That's the heater control valve for an AC car on the firewall. I can't find a website for them, but I clipped this from an index page I found listing AC manufacturers. These guys were VERY helpful and do a lot more than just make lines. They will build entire custom AC systems. The lines are awesome. They bought the same style crimping machines that Chrysler used in the 60's, so their lines are virtually a perfect match. When they told me they'd have my parts back to me at "X" time, they were usually here in half that.

Classic Auto Air Mfg. Co
Al Sedita
2020 W. Kennedy Blvd
Tampa FL 33606
Fax: 813-254-7419

Posted by Bob Christiano on 08/14/04

Here are a couple of links that have NOS or used air conditioner cores:

Posted by Bob on 06/02/03

Each time I read the posts it seems like there are more of you out there with leaking by-pass valves. I have purchased an NOS by-pass valve as well as an in the heater box NOS valve from one person on ebay. He can be reached at philmcp@cs.com and after checking his valve I found it to be the exact replacement for the factory valve. The only difference I did find was that the part numbers are stamped on the one from the factory and have the pentastar where his has a number stenciled. The valve maker and number are the same with the price being around $100 or less, depending on the bidding. This was the valve with the tubes side by side although he may also have the other configuration. The finish on the valve mounting plate is the same as factory with the gold plating.