66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Heater Control Valve



Posted by Ken Westerlund on 06/23/03

I got the flexible hose from the local AutoZone. I just took the old one in and they matched it up. It was just a tad bigger, but I used a tie wrap to keep it tight. It has been working well now.

Heater Box Rebuild Kit

Posted by vancamp on 11/06/07

You can get the seals and gaskets thru Detroit Muscle Technologies.

Removing and Replacing the Heater Box

Posted by Fastback Jon on 08/26/05

The trick is just to rotate the top of the heater box towards the back of the car and down, as shown in the pictures when it is still part way under the dash. That is the hardest part because the under dash area catches the top of the heater box. After that is done, it just slides out easily. And to put it back in, guess what, just reverse the steps. Slide it back in, and rotate the top towards the front of the car, then lift it up. Put some supports under it and get the bolts through the firewall openings, and go around and bolt it in place.

Ghoste added: Take out the console and passenger seat. The few extra minutes this will cost you to do will pay off enormously in time saving when removing and replacing the heater box.

Repairing the A/C - Heater Vacuum Switch

Posted by Anthony Powell on 05/26/05

Let me repair your ac/ht or heat ony vacuum switch. If your switch has some or all the vacuum ports broken off I make a new part to replace the busted one. It is made of tough black or white delrin. I have repair switches from across the nation. I noticed some of these switches go for as much as 250.00 on e-bay. I can also replace the wafer board that go inside the switch. The cost is 35.00 plus 5.00 for shipping for the port replacement and 5.00 each for the wafer boards if needed. Send your switch with a money order for 35.00 plus 5.00 for shipping. I will go through your switch and send it back within two days of receiving it. If it needs any of the wafer boards you can send payment for them when you get your switch back. I can also repair the socket on the end of the push buttons. They are 5.00 each.

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