66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Air Conditioning

Q & A

1. I have a 66 with A/C and my heater control valve is the one with the tubes one over the other. I've also seen some 66's with the tubes side by side. I'm not sure which one is correct but it seems to me they both will work.

2. How does a/c work anyways?

3. I am getting ready to charge the A/C system on my 66 with R134, but before I do I thought it might be good to replace all the o'rings in the system. Does anyone know if a special material is needed or will any rubber o'ring work, provided its the right size?

4. When I got the car, all of the under-hood parts were in boxes. The compressor was sitting in foot-high grass. How much of the original equipment should I use? I *think* I have it all- evaporator, receiver/dryer, lines, compressor- What else?"