66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Q & A

Submitted on 10/047/03 by: Topher:

Well...it's kinda hard to stuff 9 weeks of class and years of experience into a paragraph or 2, but here goes.....

Imagine the a/c system works just like your cooling system-it's a heat exchanger. There are 2 sides to the a/c system: a high side (small lines) and a low side(bigger lines). Refrigerant enters the compressor on the low side/or suction side and gets compressed in the compressor(as a vapor-you can't compress liquid)and discharged on the high side. From the compressor the refrigerant enters the condensor where heat is removed from the refrigerant-then it goes to the receiver drier where any moisture is removed from the system- then on through the expansion valve into the evaporator. Now here is where the cold air is made-the refrigerant boils at -32 degrees inside the evaporator-the fan blowas across it and VOILA! Cold air! There's more to it-but here it is in a nutshell.