66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Interior Lighting

Service Manual - Light Bulbs
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Submitted by:   Don Dodson 11/18/03

The dome lights are the "sail panel lights" or as the wiring diagram describes them, "C-pillar lamps".
The courtesy lamps are in the console with one light on each side of the console and one light underneath the glove box.


Each lamp has +12 volts going to the light bulb and to make the bulb light, a ground going to the lamp shell. This ground either comes from the light switch when you turn the knob counterclockwise or by the door jam switch operated when you open the door. When you open the door the plunger of the switch places ground on the wire and this wire is wired in parallel with the other door jam switch and the light switch. This ground wire goes to each lamp.
The ground path from the door jam switch is a yellow wire and, coming from the light switch is a yellow wire that goes to the 8-position connector (Pin#5) behind the drivers side kickpanel.
From Pin#5 there is a yellow wire that goes to a 6-position connector in the console (Pin#1). From Pin#1 the wire goes to the right and left courtesy light in the console, and to a common connector that feeds the ground to the dome lamps.
The ground wire is labeled M2B on the wiring diagram, and it mates up with wire M2A on the connector that goes to pin#1 of the 6-position connector and pin#5 of the 8-position connector.


A. Voltage

1. Use a test light or meter to check the 12v to the bulb.
2. Check the dome light fuse in the fuse box, which is the third fuse from the bottom in the fuse holder and it is a 20 amp fuse.

B. Ground

1. Disconnect the battery before you check ground - you can burn up your ohm meter.
2. Turn the light switch CCW or open the door and check that ground is present on the 8-position connector (pin#5) behind the drivers side kickpanel.

Reminder: when each door jam switch plunger comes out that it places ground on the yellow wire coming from the door jam switch via the plunger of the switch, when you turn the light switch CCW all the way that a ground is placed on the yellow wire via the light switch ground.

3. Test the 6-position connector (pin#1).
4. Using the BODY wiring diagram trace out the wires to M2A that goes to M2B of the dome lamps. M2B is the ground wire. M2C and M2D are the ground wires going to the courtesy lamps in the console.

Author's Note: The wiring diagram does not show the courtesy lamp underneath the glove box but I have a courtesy lamp under my glove box that came with the car that comes on when I open either door, so it is wired in with the console ground path and has +12 volts going to the lamp under the glove box.

Q & A

1. I noticed my interior lights, clock and brake lights do not work. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

2. Can anyone tell me where the connections go for the wiring on the courtesy light that is located under the dash on the paxxenger side of the car in 67's?