66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Interior Lighting Q & A

Don Dodson:

The white wire going back toward the steering wheel has to be hot to pick up 12 volts (I didn't trace that wire back to see where it picks 12 volts up, but it probably gets 12 volts at the glove box lamp)  The 12 volts goes to the light so now it needs ground on the other wire of the light to make it burn brightly.  The other wire is labeled 2b20529 AAWM and that wire goes to a black female connnector where it meets up with another white wire.  The bottom of that connector is a yellow wire that takes off and goes behind the right side kick panel where it goes into a male connector with two pins in the connector.  The yellow wire meets up with another yellow wire on one pin of the connector and on the female side of the connector that yellow wire goes to the door jam switch.  The other pin of the male connector has a pink wire on it and if you look at the wiring diagram, you will find that pink wire is hot all the time with 12 volts.  That Pink wire and one of the yellow wires are taped up in the same harness and goes under the carpet to some unknown location and probably the right side rear courtesy light.