66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Posted by John Borris
on 06/03/03
Additional Information posted by Andy Markiewicz
on 06/16/03

Dyeing Vinyl Interior

When vinyl dyeing the interior pieces there is some information that you should know.
1. There has to be a flex agent in the dye so the dye will flex without cracking. ie on arm rests, dash pads etc.
2. A flattening agent is used so the dye is not as shiny as paint.
3. The pieces to be dyed have to be spotless clean or the dye won't adhere to the piece.
4. Have a professional dye it for you or practise a lot before tackling this job. It's not for the weak

Cleaning the interior pieces

After all the pieces have been removed from the car they have to be cleaned thoroughly. Use strong soap and water and a scrub brush to remove most of the dirt from the panels.
Now use PPG Vinyl Cleaner part # UK403 and a soft scrub brush to loosen embedded dirt in the grained vinyl surfaces. Wipe with a clean lint free cloth and note the appearance of the cloth. If not visually clean, repeat the cleaning process.
Once clean, apply PPG #UK405 vinyl conditioner by generously wetting a clean lint free cloth and applying one pass of the conditioner to the vinyl surface in one direction only. Do not rub back and forth and wipe only once. This opens the pores of the vinyl and allows the dye to penetrate so it won't flake off.

How to apply the vinyl dye

Stir the vinyl spray colour thoroughly before using. Apply one wet coat using 35 to 45 lbs pressure at the gun. Recommended dry film build is .3 to .5 mls.
Note: one coat will usually cover the original color. Two coats will usually cover when changing colours from light to dark. When two coats are used, allow the first coat to dry for 10 minutes before applying the final colour coat. Allow to dry 30 minutes and then apply the clear/metallic coat using the same method.
If a non-glare surface is needed (dash pad) use PPG - UCV69 Non-glare clear.
If a semi-gloss is needed (most other panels) use PPG - UCV71 Use PPG #DX590 for cleaning spray gun etc.