66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Tail Light Lenses



Q & A

Posted by: Dan Patterson 06/06/03
Here is what I used on my taillights. Krylon Stained Glass Color 9020 Red. The downside is it only lasted 5 months and they are now back to original color. I only did one coat so I am getting ready to try again with several coats and see what happens.



Posted by: Gordon 06/06/03
The best thing I have found to polish up any plastic (like the tail lights, the gauge covers) is McGuires Swirl Remover # 9. Yes it is for the final stage of color sanding or cleaning up the paint job. But it is "paintable" which means it has none of the usual cleaner wax additives & silicones. It is basically a pure super fine polish. Try it out and be amazed, I was.