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Posted by Mike on 12/09/09

Finally, after much work and expense the tail light lenses are finished. These are the real deal with potmetal chromed letters and injected acrylic lenses. These are not resin poured or plastic letters. If you need real tail light lenses get them now, the second run will be determined based on initial sales of the first.

List price for the 3 piece set is $475.

Michael C. Ross - Owner B/E & A Restoration Parts, Inc.



Posted by Alex on 07/08/03

Year One has replacement lenses. I had to get a set of lenses for mine a while ago. They should have what you are looking for, a bit pricey, but with any luck they'll have it.

Posted by Steven Drake on 09/12/04

part # Dge66/7t 66/67 Dodge Charger taillight lens set (3) $395.00

Squadra Nuvolari

255 G Street, Suite 250
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619.544.9450
Fax: 619.544.9496

May want to check with some other members on this vendor....
I think there are mixed feelings with this seller. (Yahoo Group message # 49088)

The letters on these tail lights are actually plastic (see below).

Posted by Ken on 11/23/05:

The plastic letters are only pressed onto the lenses. In fact they use the same pin location as the metal letters. I was able to easily remove the plastic ones without removing the lenses from the car. I tried some metal letters and they fit perfectly, just need some adhesive or RTV to hold them in place. Here's a shot with the letters removed.