66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Steering Column

The steering column is composed of and contains a number of interesting and somewhat complicated and confusing parts. We will add to this list as need be, but here is a list of some of these parts and their complexities:(click on each to go to another page on that topic)

1. Turn signal switch- how to fabricate and trim the only available 67 switch to fit a 66.

2. Steering coupler - from 1962-1965 Mopar.com, a great explanation of what to look for and how to install a replacement.


Posted by: Ken Scobel on 03/13/04

Is there anything on the bottom end of a 1966 steering column tube to support the steering shaft or to prevent the entrance of fumes or water from entering the passenger compartment?


There is only one bearing used in the '66 steering column and that is located at the top to support the steering wheel. The lower end of the shaft is supported by the coupling mounted to the steering gear. In between there is a seal located at the end of the steering column tube that seals against the steering shaft and prevents fumes and water from getting into the passenger compartment. This seal is available through Layson's Restorations under p/n GG-410 and sells for $37.50.
Don't forget the gasket that seals the steering column tube to the floorboard (Soff Seal p/n CH2209) and the clutch rod hole body plug to ward off those engine fumes.


Posted by: Todd on 08/20/05

I have a 66 charger with a 3 on the tree(manual). I am going to put in a 4spd console shifter/trans. I currently have ps. If I want to replace my column to clean it up(the shifter), does it matter if the column is from a ps car or non ps car.

The reason is I see some for sale and people list it as being from a ps car. Does it matter?


Posted by: John Paseman on 08/20/05

The difference is: Power steering box requires a shorter steering column (Steering gear is smaller), Manual uses a longer column (steering gear is longer). This means if you change from Power to manual, you need a new column or an extension (early '70's van used them or get one from firm feel, inc.)

On Mopars, there are also three types of steering columns for each type of steering gear - 1) With a console shift uses a blank round column at the top whether it is auto or manual, 2)without console shift and automatic uses a round top with the shift shaft and gear indicator, 3) without console shift and manual uses a round top with shift shaft and NO gear indicator.

Oh yeah - 66 uses a smaller diameter steering column than 67 ( 67 changed to the collapsible steering column). This makes a total of 12 different steering columns for 66 & 67 - yikes!!

So saying "console shift ps steering column" tells us it is the longer steering column with the blank round top with No gear indicator - we do still need to know if he needs 66 or a 67 column.