66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Roof Stripe


Roof Gutter-Seam Sealer

Posted by Bill on 03/29/04

I tried about everything the paint supply place had and didn't like them so I ordered this stuff from eastwoodcompany.com and it is exactly the same stuff like the factory used. Its called HiTec Finesse Seam Sealer in a caulking gun type tube. Its beige like the orig. The stock number on the tube is CSN/code 9005 and its made in Canada. I made a spreader that fit in the gutter and then used paint thinner on my finger to smooth it out. Looked better than the factory job! Also used it around the door seams.

Drip Rail Moulding

Posted by Roger on 08/05/05

The drip rail S/S moulding is rolled on to the car.  It needs to be pried off.  This can be done by prying the top side off first.  Sometimes you will need to try the bottom side.  Be very careful not to force the strip, as it will curl, dent, twist, so don't just pull it off once you get it started.  Don't try to slide it off, like my friend did.  Now he needs a different one. I've had them come off easy and other times they were a bitch.  The smallest wonder bar works pretty good, just protect the paint.  I don't have to worry about the paint on parts cars.  Starting at the back seems to work the best.  Even if it twist a little bit, it will go back on OK.

The weather strip chrome is screwed on.