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Gauge Readings

Posted by: Don Dodson on 06/22/03

If the gas gauge is mis-behaving it can effect the temperature gauge and oil gauge. The gas gauge limits the voltage to the oil gauge, temperature gauge and gas gauge itself by reducing the voltage to 5 volts from 12 volts. If the limiter part of the gas gauge is messed up then the gas gauge, oil gauge and temperature gauge will not work. If you find you have no 5 volts going to the oil gauge and temperature gauge then you will need to find what is killing the 5 volts by disconnecting the oil and temp 5 volt input to the gauges and then see if the gas gauge will have 5 volts at the 5 volt feed terminal. Maybe the oil or temperature is killing the 5 volts from the gas gauge.

If it is determined the gas gauge 5 volt limiter is failing then go to John Mac's instructions if you feel you can dig into the world of electronics.

You can also check out Bryan's and Andy's contributions on the voltage limiter.

Here is a picture (right) of Lee Alberts' voltage limiter.

RTE has a solid state limiter that may be better than all of these home made jobs, but we haven't tested it yet.  Be the first and we'll post your results here!

Posted by Peter on 12/22/97:

Here's a link about gauge repair and calibration, from Mopar Muscle Magazine

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