66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Exterior Door Mounted Mirrors

Posted by Dan McCormack on 01/29/04

Twin post mirrors are the correct mirrors for a 66. In 67 they changed to the fat single post style. The 67 style is reproed.
The left manual mirror was standard and the remote left mirror was an option. A right hand manual mirror could be an option or dealer installed. There's no difference in the right and left manual mirrors. The right hand mirror that goes with the remote mirror is also manual but styled to match the remote mirror and I believe is also being reproed.
There's one quirk with the twin post mirror. They came with two different heads. The heads are the same size but one style has a beveled edge in the front and a smaller glass. They have the same base and part number on them.
I've seen both styles on the same year B bodys and A bodys. My only guess is that they came from different suppliers. There's also one difference between the 66 and 67 remote mirror that I'm aware of. The 67 mirror has a longer thinner adjustment knob on it. I think this may have been a redesign to allow for more adjustment.

Posted by: "Hoopity" on 09/19/04

The passenger side mirror has 2 phillips head screws (67) that are comming fron the top and go into the door. There is a rubber gasket and 2 #8 screws. There is no stud like the drivers side mirror.


Posted by: Terry Hoover on 07/26/05

It’s difficult to get an exact measurement since both mirror assemblies actually tilt forward as they go up. But measuring from the top front edge of the door (the top edge of the door at the joint with the fender) while holding the tape along side the top trim line, and measuring to the lowest front edge of the mirror assembly;

Driver’s side = 9 ¼ inches back from the door edge

Passenger’s side = 11 inches even back from the front edge

Both seem to be equal distant from the outside edge of the door. The mirror base is curved but at the peak of the curve they both appear to be 1 & 1/8 inches from the top bend on the outside edge of the door.

*Note: Mike Peters measures both non-remote mirrors on his '66 at 7 5/8 inches from the front fender.