66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide




Headlight Assemblies

Posted by Jeff Brookings on 03/27/04

To paint the headlight assemblies, first get them apart and clean - no road tar etc. Steel wool works good in the hard to reach areas. I sprayed the grill and headlight covers and the parking lens covers with Rust Oleum #7777 Satin Black. While the paint is still sort of wet, take a paper towel or rag and wet it with carb cleaner and wipe the paint off the chrome. You won't get it all, but that is OK. After it drys, take a fine steel wool and buff the chrome to remove any paint residue. Mine looks great and I like the look of the satin black. Someone may know the exact color to use, but someone else in the group recommended the #7777 and it looks great

Posted by Daniel Daigneault on 03/29/04

1. Prepare your fingers for a lot of work
2. Preval complete sprayer # PRV267
3. Preval Power Unit # PRV268
4. Full base reducer Med Qt # 441-21-4
5. 1 Pint 99 Black paint
6. 2 cans Black Primer TRM4613

I used a soft scrub that I cut large enough to fit between the fins to take off the marks and everything Then I used fine wool to have some king of finish sanding.

I primed the entire grill regardless of the fins. A couple of hours later, I took off the extra primer from the chrome with a rag and Lacquer thinner

The next step is to mix 50/50 black paint and reducer shoot the grill with the Spray Val (Fantastic for those who don't have a spraying gun) I tried with and air brush system and It was a mess. Use the Spray Val system... I shot the grill with paint The next day, I took off the extra paint from the chrome parts with a rag and lacquer thinner

Sand it 1 more time with the fine wool Shoot it 1 last time