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Posted by Daniel D. on 06/05/06

My car was in a pretty decent shape when I brought it to the shop. No panels needed to be changed and to me, no body work to do neither so, I didn’t have it sand blasted to bare metal

If you want a nice job, there is no way anybody can do body work in a few hours. It took 3 weeks of primer and bloc sanding just to have the car as straight as a bar.

½ day to paint

1 ½ wk to buff the car completely and have the paint down to perfection. glazed it for another – 4 days and finally waxed it.

All that excludes the work done on the undercarriage

The Undercarriage cost me $3,000
The paint job cost me $7,000

The estimate was done @ $2,000 Undercarriage and $3,000 paint job at best and He also told me that he was working hourly only and that on each resto he did, Surprises came along modifying costs for the owner so I should be prepared for such events

Got the car from the paint job about 30 days ago And let me tell you, it is superb. It looks like a mirror

I had a very nice car. Now I have a great car (bodily speaking)

PS: At all cost avoid doing business with body shops, their prices look interesting but the only thing they are looking for is a fast profit on each paint job. Try to find a good restoration shop. They will work hourly only and they will do a great job.

Again, everything has a price attached to it

Posted by J Giblin on 09/08/03

For the orange peel, you can wetsand it flat and buff it. If the car is clearcoated it is fairly easy to do in a bodyshop. To tell if it's cleared, pick an unobtrusive spot and scuff with fine sandpaper-1000 grit or finer. If it sands white, it's clearcoat.

Most major paint supply houses have a "camera" that will analyze your color, and give a formula for a "Blendable Match" If you can get away with fixing the bubbles on the 1/4s, and stay below the body line, this is your cheapest out. Just got home from work, painted my 66, and it cost me close to $ 600 in PAINT. LABOR is FREE. On a customer car it would have been 4 or 5 GRAND to do an overall w/disassembling car,clearcoat paint, wetsand and buff,etc.

Good Luck! Also, try this site, lots of good info on body and paint work for the hobbyist. www.autobodystore.com Click "discussion board".

Posted by S. Frazier on 06/28/03

I am using Dp-90 for the sealer.  This and DP60 was used for a primer sealer at the factory PPG.  It is bullet proof and make sure you use a mask when spraying.  This is the list of what I bought to completely paint your car:
Amount Description Cost Total
4qts DP-90LF Illegal in most states (The Best) will not rust after sprayed even if it sits in the rain! Comes in other colors: Rust, light blue, and black. Dp 70,60,90. If any of the Dp's sit for over one week prior to primer surfacer being applied then the Dp will have to be scuffed before primer sealer k36 goes on. You can let it sit however and it will not rust if applied properly.
4qts DP-402LF illegal in most states (the best)
2g dtsdcu2021/g clear voc lbs 4.00 $281.30
2-dtsdcx61/q hardner for/2021/2042 .35 $130
2-dtsdt/g870/g med. reducer 6.90 $64.10
2-k201/q catalyst 48.05 $96.11
2-k36/g primer surfacer -illegal in most states however it works great! 111.65 $111.65
1-dtxdbu/g Deltron mixed 188.05 $188.05
2-dtxdbu/q Deltron mixed 55.20 $110
1-sem39387 leveling seam sealer
3-k6362 Tar and gease remover - removes any oils from primer after blocking. (spray)
2/1DRR 1170 Clear
Total This is with a 15% discount!