66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

727 TorqueFlight Transmission

Check out the AllPar site for good 727 info: submitted by Ken Westerlund on 01/14/04
Posted by ODZKing on 10/25/09

Transmission Mount

Transmission mount or rear engine support insulator as some call it.  Chry # 2533145 available at NAPA - Balkamp makes 2 that interchange according to their website.
transmission mount
Posted by ODZKing on 10/26/09

Neutral Safety Switch

2586994 which superseded from 2495537. The second number supersedes to 3004087. That seems to be the 3 prong version

Brads has one but it's pricey.
Product Number: 2586994
Product Description: SW,NEUTRAL STAR
Product Application: 66-68 W/ SINGLE PRONG
Product Price: $59.00


Posted by Donnie Ripley on 5/30/03

I don't know how many of you have heard of TCI but they make bulletproof replacement transmissions. You can get a replacement 727 for a big block for ($1005 Canadian)   Plus you can order shift kits and aftermarket valve bodies. Instead of rebuilding your 727 just buy a brand new one with upgraded parts in it.

Posted by Ken Scobel on 03/27/04

Finished installing the MOPAR Shift Improver Kit today and took the car out for a test drive. WOW, what a difference!

The kit includes a new kickdown servo piston and spring, plus a tube which replaces a spring in the accumulator, basically making the accumulator non functional. The valve body has to be dropped to be able to access both items. The line pressure adjustment is also turned up for improved, quicker shifts, and less slip between the clutches and plates. One point however, the transmission has to be in good operating condition before installation of this kit.

The part number is P4349469. It may be available through your local Dodge Dealer. Mancini Racing also has it listed in their online catalog.

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