66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Decoding the '66 Fender Tag

Decoding the '67 Fender Tag

Posted by:  Bryan (A383Wing) on 6/21/06

The 67 tag reads a little bit differently than the 66 tag. There is more information on the tag as to what is on the car. There are 4 rows to read here, top row is all small alphabet letters, the second row down is all capital alphabet letters, the 3rd row down consists of numbers , AX, TRM, PNT, & UBS, and the very bottom row is read by itself, no numbers under this row. Under some of the letters in the top 3 rows will be numbers & letters, and the very bottom row will be read by what is listed there. I will list them as follows: top row on the left is small “a” and a number under it.....I will refer to it this way....a6, b4...and so on. If your tag has the numbers or letters listed under the appropriate letters, your car should have that item. If no numbers are there, then you should not have that option or item. (there will be exceptions) So now we begin.....

Top Row (of small letters)
a5 = buddy seat or folding arm rest (Mother-in-Law seat also)
a6 = center console
(if you have no number under the “a”, then you got no console or center seat, kinda rare to have no option here)
b4 = front bucket seats
g0 = chrome belt line mouldings (all 67 Chargers will have this code)
h7 = fender mounted turn indicators (all 67 Chargers will have this code)
j4 = body sill moulding (all 67 Chargers will have this code)
k7 = passenger side door mirror (manual)
u1 = sold car (someone ordered this car)
w6 = built for Canada order or New car with 5 gallons of gas

Second Row (all capital letters)
A1 = 26” radiator core width
D9 = front disc brakes (power brakes mandatory, but I have seen cars without power brakes & have disc’s)
E1 = clean air package
M2 = This is not an "option" on the car, it stands for the car was made on assembly line #2 at the factory. There were 2 assembly lines for the 67 Chargers & Coronets and if your car was assembled on "line #2", it was coded this way.
R1 = 2 watt AM radio
R2 = 5.5 watt Astrophonic deluxe AM radio
S1 = factory installed A/C with heater (if car has “add-on” A/C, there will be no number under the “S”)
T4 = console mounted vacuum gauge
T7 = tachometer (not sure why this code, all 67’s had tachometers)
X1 = all tinted glass (not all cars have this on the tag but have tinted glass)
X2 = tinted windshield only
Y6 = black vinyl top
Y7 = white vinyl top
Y9 = special order color top

Third Row (numbers 1 thru 8)
There should not be anything under these numbers in 67, if somebody has codes for these, I would like to know.

“AX” is for rear axle ratio. We will deal with the “A” first.....
A1 = 2.76 to 1 ratio
A2 = 2.94 to 1 ratio
A4 = 3.23 to 1 ratio
A6 = 3.54 to 1 ratio (dana rear end only)
A6 = 3.55 to 1 ratio
A7 = 3.91 to 1 ratio
A9 = special order ratio
X8 = sure-grip rear axle (if no code under the “X”, then it’s an open style rear end, or non-sure grip)

“TRM” This is the interior style & color. There will be numbers & letters under all 3. The “S” under the “T” stands for “Sport Interior”, The “6” under the “R” stands for premium grade vinyl on the bucket seats. All 67’s should start with “S6?” so we will concentrate on the letter under the “M” which is the color of the interior.
A= gray & black
B= blue
C= white & blue
E= black & gold
K= copper
M= copper & black
P= white & turquoise
Q= turquoise
R= red
T= tan
V= white & red
W= white & black
X= black
Y= gold

“PNT” is the outside color of the car. All 3 letters & numbers are read together.
AA1 = silver metallic
BB1 = black
CC1 = medium blue metallic
DD1 = medium/light blue metallic
EE1 = dark blue metallic
FF1 = light green metallic
GG1 = dark green metallic
HH1 = dark copper metallic
JJ1 = chestnut metallic
KK1 = medium turquoise metallic
LL1 = dark turquoise metallic
MM1 = turbine bronze metallic
PP1 = bright red metallic
QQ1 = dark red metallic
RR1 = yellow
TT1 = medium copper metallic
WW1 = white
XX1 = light tan
YY1 = medium tan metallic
ZZ1 = gold metallic
661 = mauve metallic
881 = bright blue metallic

“UBS” codes are for the upper door frame paint, buffed paint (code AA1 only), and for the exterior stripe color.
The upper door frame paint is usually the color of the exterior or interior. Under the letter “U” will be:
B = black
C = light blue
D = medium blue
E = dark blue
G = green
H = tan
K = beige
L = dark turquoise
Q = dark red
S = pewter
T = medium copper
W = white
Y = medium gold
Z = gold

The middle letter in the “UBS” code is the letter “B”
The only time you should see a number under this letter is if you have the paint code of “AA1” (silver). If you have this color paint, then you should have the number “8” under the letter “B”. Otherwise there should be no code there.

The last letter “S” is for the roof stripe. Under the letter “S” will be:
W = white stripe
B = black stripe
C = blue stripe
H = red stripe
8 = stripe delete

Now for the very bottom row......

All 67 Chargers will have “XP29” in the lower left.....

The next 2 digits will be engine size:
41 = 318 2bbl
61 = 383 2bbl
62 = 383 4bbl
73 = 426 Hemi
83 = 440 4bbl

The next number tells you the transmission type:
1 = 3spd manual column shift
3 = 4spd floor shift
5 = automatic

The next 3 numbers will be tire size....the first 2 are read together, and the 3rd is by itself.
41 = 7.75 x 14” blackwall
31 = 7.35 x 14” blackwall
33 = 7.35 x 14” whitewall
43 = 7.75 x 14” whitewall
47 = 7.75 x 14” blackwall
48 = 7.75 x 14” red wall

The next single digit will more then likely be the number “5”.....this means that all the tire sizes above will also mean the spare tire is the same size. If no single digit here, you got no spare.

The next 3 digits tell us the “birthday” of the car. The first of the 3 is the month....A = October, B = November, C =  December, if there is a number for the first digit, than that is the month, 1 = January, 2 = February, etc..... the second 2 tell us the day of the month the car was scheduled to be completed. So A11 would be October 11th, and 502 would be May 2nd.

The last 5 are the “shipping order numbers” ....they mean nothing as to what the car has for options.

All 67’s had 4-way flashers. You could get the automatic shifter on the column or the floor. If you have the buddy seat, then auto shifter was on the column. You could get a 4spd car without a console or the buddy seat. You could have power brakes and no code listed on the tag.