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Decoding the '66 Fender Tag

Decoding the '67 Fender Tag

Posted by:  Bryan (A383Wing) on 6/21/06

On a 1966 fender tag there are 3 rows of letters, top row is the small alphabet, middle row is all capital letters, and the bottom row is the SO Number, BDY, TRM, & PAINT codes. Under some of the letters in the top & middle rows will be numbers, and under the bottom row of letters will be a mixture of numbers & letters. I will list them as follows: top row on the left is small “a” and a number under it.....I will refer to it this way....a6, b4...and so on. If your tag has the numbers listed under the appropriate letters, your car should have that item. If no numbers are there, then you should not have that option or item. (there will be exceptions) So now we begin.....

Top Row (of small letters):
a6 = console
b4 = bucket seats
(all 66 Chargers have these in the upper left)
p6 = remote drivers door outside mirror
u1 = sold car (someone ordered the car this way)

Middle Row (of capital letters):
The first 2 have to be combined together - (example = AB with the numbers 41 under them = 318 engine)
AB41 = 318
AB51 = 361
AB62 = 383-4bbl
AB73 = 426 Hemi
C1 = 3 speed manual trans (you will only find this on a 318 car, no other)
C3 = 4 speed manual trans (this will never be on a 318 car, not offered)
C5 = automatic transmission
D9 = front disc brakes
E1 = clean air package
G1 = 26” radiator core width (found mostly on A/C cars and Hemi cars)
K8 = power windows
R1 = 2 watt AM radio
S1 = factory installed A/C with heater (if car has “add-on” air, there will be no number under the “S“)
X1 = tinted glass (all windows) (not all cars have this on the tag but have tinted glass, such as mine)
X2 = tinted windshield only (same as X1)
Z8 = buffed exterior paint (Silver paint code AA1 only)

Bottom Row (SONUMBER.....etc.)
"SO NUMBER” is the birthday of the car and shipping order number (all numbers are together) All we are really concerned about are the first 3 digits. The first 3 are the Birthday of the car, A = October, B = November, C =  December, if there is a number for the first digit, than that is the month, 1 = January, 2 = February, etc..... The other 5 mean nothing as far as the car is concerned. So A11 would be October 11th, and 502 would be May 2nd.

“BDY” always is XP29 which stands for Charger

“TRM” is the interior color (all our Chargers will start with “P4” and the next letter will tell the color of the interior.) So I will just list the last of the 3 digits in the TRM code.
D = blue
R = red
T = tan
W = white
X = black
Y = citron or gold

“PAINT” This section will be divided into 3 parts, the first part is “PAI” which is the exterior color of the car. The second part is “N”, which tell us if the car came with a stripe above the side glass on the roof or not, and the 3rd part is “T”, which tells us the color of the upper door frame paint on the inside of the front doors. The letters & numbers under the “PAI” will be as follows:
AA1 = silver
BB1 = black
CC1 = light blue
DD1 = medium blue
EE1 = dark blue
GG1 = dark green
KK1 = medium turquoise
LL1 = dark turquoise
MM1 = turbine bronze metallic (available after mid-year 66)
PP1 = bright red
QQ1 = red metallic
RR1 = yellow
SS1 = cream
WW1 = white
XX1 = beige
YY1 = bronze
ZZ1= gold metallic
661 = mauve

Under the “N” for the stripe on the roof will be:
B = black
W = white
H = red
Q = red (I have one car in my list that has this code for the stripe)
E = blue
8 = no stripe
(I have seen tags with nothing under the letter “N”)

Under the “T” for the upper inner door paint will be: (usually this is the color of the outside or the interior)
B = black
C = light blue
D = medium blue
E = dark blue
P = red
Q = dark red
W = white
Y = medium gold
Z = gold

Now for a few tidbits. There was a “Charger Group 354” which consisted of the following items in a package: AM radio, power steering, trunk and parking brake lights, drivers door remote mirror, and the inside day/night rear view mirror. You can have bumper guards, tinted glass on your car and still not have the code show on the fender tag. 4 way flashers were a dealer installed option, no code for that either. Tire size not specified on the fender tag. Rear axle ratio and sure grip rear end not on tags. You can have power brakes on the car and not have a code for it on the tag. Most cars that had factory air conditioning will have power brakes. (I said most) This is why finding the build sheet for your car is important, it will show everything the car is supposed to have on it. Below is a picture of our cream 66 tag. The car has the following options on it, but not listed on the tag: Tinted glass (all), front & rear bumper guards, charger radio, and 4-way flashers.

If I have missed any codes that you know about, send me a PM in this site and I will add them. I have locked this topic because I feel this is a resource for reference and learning only. If you want to discuss anything about this, send me a personal message and I will discuss it with you. This is not rocket science, there are tags out there that are mis-stamped and have wrong information on them.....it’s been known to happen.  I am working on the 67 tags as you read this, they are more informative as to what is on the car, and they are a lot more involved in de-coding one.

Patience Grasshopper......