66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Wiring Harness

Service Manual - Wiring Diagram
Click "page 13,14,15 and 16"

Most Popular Choice

Year One

I purchased new wiring harness for my '66 charger 318 over the winter. After some checking around I decided on the more expensive Year One. I got the front, dash and rear harness and they all fit exact. Very happy with them. Judy Kohl

Other Choices

Evans Wiring

Contact: Bill Evans

Recommended by Greg Rose. John P. has had good luck ordering connectors here as well.

Terry H says:  I’ve never ordered a harness from Bill but I’ve bought other stuff.  Very nice guy and knows his stuff.
He will sell you a harness or the connectors or the pins in the connector.  And yes, he has the bulkhead connector.
It comes with the interior dash harness

Ron says: I contacted Bill and Rose Evans regarding the dash Harness and was informed that they do not make or sell the Dash Harness ?  They however will make some of the smaller harnesses.

Phone: (814) 864-2622.
Weekdays: 5pm - 10pm EST
Weekends: 12pm - 9pm EST