66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Posted by Terry on 05/25/06:

All '66's  had the bright style (arm)  ... stainless steel, EXCEPT for the part that attaches to the pivot arm which is chrome plated pot metal!!  Go figure!!!! 

(Editor:  '67's have a dull finish on the metal as a safety precaution to prevent or reduce glare)

I have several of both style arms (including one complete 67 arm/assembly set) but only one Anco replacement stainless assembly.  And I don't think it is the "original" style.  The original "bright" style are hard to find!! 
BTW ... both the arm and the assembly should be stamped with "16" to be correct.

Wiper Switches

Posted by Gordon on 09/07/04:

The wiper switch is not available anymore from the NAPA vendors. There are 2 kinds of wiper switches, one variable and the other 2 position. They both plug into the same harness plugs (the double connector points in on one and out on the other) but the motors must be different because I could not interchange them and have the wipers work right.

Posted by Bob C on 04/08/06:

2 speed or varaible?  They are out there.   Brads has them but the price is ridiculous:

Part numbers are: 2770378(Var), 2820525(2speed)