Freezing Mileage — Why Should Every Vehicle Owner Opt for This Option

Odometer freezing is a procedure that can be useful in many cases for numerous car owners. For instance, if an automobile dashboard breaks down and a new one is purchased, it is necessary to set the numbers to the previous value for the regular operation and functioning of the car. When replacing or overhauling the engine, you will most likely need to set the odometer readings to zero to run in and change the oil promptly.

Consequently, due to the prevalence of this procedure, a particular device was designed — a mileage blocker. The best specialists made the Mileagestopper following all European standards. The design and operation of the equipment are guaranteed to be at the highest level. You don't have to freeze your odometer with your own hands — you need to install the device behind the dashboard and control the speedometer lock by pressing special buttons on the steering wheel.

Why do people need to twist the mileage?

There are numerous technical reasons for odometer blocking:

  • When installing wheels with a larger diameter, the speed readings can vary from 5 to 20 percent, which commonly will affect the daily and total mileage, overestimating the indicators by the same percentage.
  • When replacing the engine, it is always necessary to twist the mileage of the car. It makes it easier to examine the engine's condition, the order of oil changes, and the performance of vehicle maintenance. The same applies to the installation of a contract engine, as well as engines after overhaul.
  • Sometimes the need to twist the indicators arises when installing another dashboard. If the odometer is mechanical, then the indicators installed on one car will be the same when reinstalling the device on another car.

To match the accurate mileage and indicators on the odometer, it is necessary to twist the numbers to make everything work correctly.

Benefits of the procedure

It is essential to remember that the procedure for connecting this type of equipment does not affect the wiring operation and does not damage electronic systems accordingly. It is because there is no need to cut or strip the insulation of the wires at all.

This type of connection tool is perfect for almost all modern car models. The principal advantage is that all blocks in which the mileage is also recorded are stopped in the same way. This device will not interfere with the vehicle's maintenance in any way.

With this simple but very high-quality device, the driver can freeze the numbers on his speedometer at any time. Isn't that what one could dream of? The mileage blocker is the best solution for any car brand. Having it at hand, you can be confident in adjusting the indicators of your speedometer.