66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Trunk Lock

Posted by various intelligent and handsome members on or about 01/16/04:

Trunk lock & cylinder for '66 or '67 Chargers contact:
[email protected]

The '67 part number is 2802 469 for the deck lid cylinder and key. An older listing shows Mitchell's as having one.

Note: The cylinder set that is commonly listed as a "fits all" set for Mopars won't work as it is retained with a clip. The 66-67 Charger specific lock set has a threaded retainer.

Posted by David Casey on 11/20/05:

The flat sided trunk key was last used in '66. They may have started using it in the 50's, but I know they were around by '64. They are available on eBay and from vendors that specialize in keys.

Trunk Mat

Posted by Don R. Dodson on 06/08/03

For those looking for carpets and found something other than Carpet in the trunk area, pay attention to the ole man. The interior of these slantbacks included the trunk since you let the trunk flap down and the interior now includes the trunk. Carpet is what came in the trunk, not some other cover such as rubber or vinyl covering.
I bought my carpet back on December 28, 2000 from Legendary Auto Interiors, Ltd.; 121 West Shore Blvd; Newark, NY 14513. The phone is 1-800-363-8804 or 315-331-4444 The website is www.legendaryautointeriors.com

Part Number
CA/66CXA01F 66/67 Charger Auto Fastback CMP Black 80/20 $315.00
CA/66CXT01 66/67 Charger Trunk Carpet Black $ 55.00

You will need to make your color selection and also be advised that the trunk carpet does not come with the sound deadner. I peeled the old deadner off the old worn carpet and glued it to the new carpet. You can find insulation or deadner at any upholstery shop.

Various members have had good success getting the trunk mat from Auto Custom Carpet the supplier for Year One.

Trunk Cardboard Separators

Posted by Jeff and Allen on 07/21/05

Legendary and Year One both have reasonable kits. The quality is satisfactory but the original design, being cardboard, was not superior quality.

Reproduction Drivers Side Jack Cover

Posted by Doug (indydoc) on 07/29/09

Made from the correct thickness, textured board material.  It has a new chrome snap ring installed.  Color is a low gloss black; other colors to be available in the near future but, not yet.  Price is 28.00 plus the shipping to you.   I will modify this post to let you know when I have additional colors available.  I can also provide you the panel unpainted and you paint it your interior color.

Trunk Taillight Finish Panel

Posted by Doug (indydoc) on 08/01/09

The part is formed just like the original using the same thickness material. There is a slight texture to the surface and the color is Semi Gloss Black. The cut-outs for the Trunk Latch and the two mounting screw holes are present. Price is 146.00 each plus shipping. I would strongly recommend Insurance for the shipment because of the large size and it being fragile. Contact me for shipping cost as it varies based on your location.