66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Torque Converter

Posted by Robert Spelic on 06/14/03

I got my new JW converter and installed it last night. The Charger went 10.90 at 122 MPH in 78 degree temp and 73% RH. It felt good. The converter is a 9" 3800 stall specially set up for my 3700 pound car (includes my 200 pounds). JW was a pleasure to work with even though it took 3 tries to get the converter right. Everything done under warranty.

Posted by Curt on 07/20/03

You can use the 400 convertor on the 440, the external balance factor on cast crank 400s and 440s is the same.

HOWEVER, 1967 and newer torque convertors won't work in 1966 and older automatics because of a differant spline count. If you are using the older transmission you could use the B&M brand weighted flex plate with the 361 convertor or just use the 400 convertor in the newer transmission.