66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Temperature Sending Unit Q & A


Bruce Blum:I want to simply mount an aftermarket temp guage under the dash. I bought an electric unit to use. It comes with it's own sending unit that looks like the stock sender, but the probe portion is somewhat bigger in diameter and won't fit the hole for it because of that, though the threaded portion is the same. I checked with the manufacturer and they said their guage is not compatible with the stock type sending unit, though they fit the same (outside of the fatter probe). They also said my engine should have other threaded ports on the block and each cylinder head I can use to install their sending unit. I see none. Does anyone know of any other threaded ports I can use to install the aftermarket sender? I don't care to try and drill out the hole already there as I'm afraid I might screw up the threads.


Dan Patterson: Right where your heater hose connections are on the block there is a threaded plug that you can remove and use. You may need to get an adapter to get the sending unit to fit. Pipe reducer from local hardware store or check with local auto parts jobber and they should have one.