66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Tail Lights Q & A


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to remove the rear taillight lens?


Terry Hoover: You have to remove the entire tail light assembly then unbolt the trim that holds the lenses to the back-plate pieces (remember, the "lens" is in 3 pieces).

To remove the assmebly from the car you have to remove the black plastic interior tail light cover(if you have one), then remove the assembly nuts under the cover.  These nuts continue way into the corner of the tail of the car on both sides.  Lots of fun!!

NOTE: it would be best to have someone hold the assembly as you unbolt the last nuts. Yes, the threaded shafts (or your knee) MIGHT hold it but why risk it!?!

After you get the assembly out there are a heap of screws that hold the trim to the backplates. There are three backplates screwed together to make one backplane so be careful you don't stress anything ... these are all made from pot-metal!!! So are the trim pieces!!!  Pot metal is rather brittle, especially around screw and threaded-rod holes!!!

Once the trim is off you can CAREFULLY remove the 3 lens pieces.

Be careful not to destroy the 2 gaskets!!! One fits between the tail light assembly and the car, the other fits between the lenses and the housing (one continuous gasket for all 3 lens pieces).