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Can anyone tell me what size ball joint socket would be used for the upper ball joint on a 67 Charger? I am away from my car and need to order the tool. Does anyone have the tool for sale?
Paul Farrell


Posted by:Aarin
They generally offer three sizes of upper ball joint sockets for Chryco stuff -
1 for A-bodies with 9" brakes
1 for HD A-bodies and most all cars
1 for half ton trucks, vans and later C-bodies

So you want the middle size ........
I bought mine from snap-on, but they are also available from Miller Special Tools, who offer (or did at one time) all the tools identified in the service manual.

Miller usually have a pretty fair price on their stuff. (You will wonder how you ever got by without a few of these key tools .......) My catalog shows the socket for B-bodies is C-3560, but you should double-check that.

Here is a link,www.miller.spx.com

One helpful tip - I usually just crack the joint loose before I split it from the spindle, because the arm is more stable for the HUGE torque it will require (4 foot pipe on 3/4 drive). All you need to do is just budge it, then split it from the spindle and thread it out.

Obviously, you need to support under the lower control arm or unload the torsion bar first.