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Anyone have any tips for installing the poly sway bar bushings?
Shawn Boyle


Posted by:Charger Andy
One thing I learned with polygraphite or polyurethane is to grease the living %^&* out of them. I put poly bushings in the rear springs and boy do they squeeeeeeaak!! The poly's I put on the swaybar though are nice and quiet. If you have the triangular front swaybar mounts, pull them off of the bar. This will be a job if the old rubber is still solid. Clean up the bar and slide on one of the new bushings. Then slide on the mount bracket. Then press the bracket onto the bushing with some C-clamps and a little luck and lots of patience. Might use a screwdriver to coax them into the bracket at the start. Can't put the bushings in the mounts before they are on the bar or they won't fit over the eye end. Oh I guess you could, but they might get cut when forcing them over the eye. (ouch)


Posted by:Gordon
You didn't say what kind of sway bar. Would suggest you don't waste time installing anything on a stock undersized worn out sway bar. Mopar Performance has a 1 1/8 front sway bar and a 3/4 rear that make a huge improvement in the car and come with bushings. They are suprisingly cheap.