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Anyone here move there leaf springs into the frame rails? and install a Dana?


Posted by:Robert Spelic
I have installed a Dana. I did not move the springs inward as I did not want to incur the work of moving the front hanger and the rear shackles. I have torque boxes around the front hanger. Making and welding in new shackle bushings and a support for them was going to be a big job.

Installing a Dana made to 8 � dimensions was simple. I shortened the axle tubes � per side. You will also need to shorten the drive shaft 1" or move the whole rear end back 1". I chose to move the rear back 1", which will allow for a larger diameter tire, by placing a spacer between the forward spring hanger and using longer bolts. John Paseman also used a similar method of using super stock spring hangers and using stock springs. This moves the rear end back 2". John drilled new holes in the hanger to only move the rear end back 1".

I changed to super stock springs when I did the change so this method couldn't be employed. If your not changing to SS springs, then John's method is the best.