66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Subframe Connectors

Posted by John Paseman on 07/08/03

Sub Frame Connectors are popular with folks who race their Mopars because they add a lot of stiffness to the unibody and reduce body flex. I have a set I got from Competition Engineering on my Charger - I think they where around $89 for the pair. They are weld in and connect the front frame stub (weld to the front crossmember next to the torsion bar mounts) to the rear frame rails. Mine are made of 2x2 box steel .125 wall and work great on the bracket car.

Posted by Gordon on 07/08/03

Can't stress this enough. When cars get old they sag. You have 20-30 years of thousands of pounds of down force stretching the frame. This has nothing to do with racing. It has to do with maintaining the integrity of the car. Do it and you will be a believer. Stiffening the frame is one of the cheapest and biggest results upgrades anyone can do to an older car.

It is STRONGLY recommended by all of the knowledgeable people I have talked with (never rely on just my own opinions) to weld them in as well. They take a lot of stress and need to become an integral part of the already welded together framing system. Remember, if Chrysler was paying attention, or cared about these cars still being in use 30+ years later -- they would have included subframe connectors in the original framing. Just because something isn't stock/original doesn't mean it shouldn't have been.

Posted by Paul Quintin on 07/08/03

How would you go about determining if your car is starting to sag? Also, if you determine it is, that means you would have to somehow support the car when installing the connectors, so that the sag is removed.

Posted by Jeff Brookings on 07/08/03

If you have "sag", you have more problems than frame connectors will fix. These really are for a race car or a very "hot" street car. Daily drivers don't need frame connectors. If your car is structually sound you are OK. If its not, frame connectors won't help. Spend your money on fuel and drive it. Just "one man's opinion".