66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Steering Wheel

1966 horn button 1966/7 wheel
1967 horn button 1967 optional wheel
(Recall wheel)
1967 Steering wheels also came in interior-matching colors such as black, red, blue and bronze.

1967 wheel featured the full horn ring as standard equipment.  The other horn button design was optional.

Click here for horn button details.

"The Recall Wheel Myth"

This picture appeared in early ads for the 1967 Charger.  No steering wheel as pictured here (with radial tabs attached to the center horn button) has yet been documented as appearing on a production 1967 Charger.

The myth (urban legend?) surrounding the 1967 "Recall" steering wheel detail (above) was:  This wheel was deemed unsafe by safety crusader Ralph Nader and friends and prevented from going into production.

Recent research by John Kane indicates that  the "recall" wheel appeared on late production cars without the horn tabs.
John has also found through research into official government documents that:

There are/were no recalls...nor 'investigations' listed for 1967 Dodge Charger steering wheels. Point of fact there were none for 1966 either. 'Investigations' are/were a separate inquiry procedure that also had no references to the steering wheels in question.

This is real world information from the U.S. Government department that would have been directly involved.

If you have a "recall" wheel on your '67 let us know.  Any of you who have an original 1967 car...with original documentation can use the following as  a reference guide.
The Accessory code  # 573 was used on invoices and window stickers to represent the 1967 wood wheel option.

 The Steering wheel code  # 14T was listed on the bottom line of  the broadcast sheet in the box designated : 'Steering Wheel and Horn Ring'.
We are interested in any factual info and in particular your build date.    Thank you and aim your reply to:  email  John Kane .

We are currently searching for any  additional documented evidence from government or factory literature that may expand our information.

Posted by Don Dodson on 05/28/03

If you have a steering wheel that needs restoring, you can't go wrong with Gary's Steering Wheel Restoration. I purchased a 67 woodgrain steering wheel from Roger Bohl and had it restored by Gary and it came out looking like a brand new steering wheel. Gary can also do the black plastic wheels and any steering wheel you might throw at him.
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Posted by Richard DeLaurentis on 06/20/03

I just installed a Grant Steering Wheel on my 66 and the correct installation kit for the 66 is the 4310 kit.

Posted by Allen Ward on 07/26/04

I found a guy at a car show today that showed me a mint 66 woodgrain steering wheel. Then he told me he restored the woodgrain! It was perfect! The coloring, grain… he even rebuilt a (for lack of a better description) finger depression on the backside that had worn away.

The vendor name is “Classic Steering Wheel”

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