66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Steering Q & A


Ken: Can anyone recommend the best place to source a remanufactured gear box? I know Advance Auto and Auto Zone offers reman boxes but don't know anyone who has bought one.


Daniel Daigneault:
Contact - Firm Feel Inc.
2730 NW Bliss Rd
Vancouver, WA 98685-1605
1 800 317-6426

If you have a core, they will rebuilt or exchange for a rebuilt unit with, get this, a "CLOSE RATIO" unit which is cool


I just got back from Indy and talked to the guy who I thought was rebuilding the gearboxes. In a great stroke of luck I found out he was sending them to someone else to get them done and I was able to locate that shop. I have talked to him and he will rebuild them at a cost of $169.00. What he said was the box had to be a driveable (loose, leaking or both) for him to rebuild them and the valve where the hoses go in has to be in working condition. He needs the valve on the gear when it is sent in. Turn around time is 3-4 days. I also feel as he does these on a one by one basis that the quality will be better than those that are done on an assembly line. He also told me that we will have to have our boxes rebuilt as he has no cores for them. For those of you who are interested here is the contact information

Mills Automotive
1236 8th Street
Muskegon, MI 49440
Phone 231-725-4110 and talk to Art.

Suggestion to NOT use Mills Automotive for having your steering box rebuilt. I would strongly recommend against using them. The story is too long to post here, but if anyone has questions, feel free to contact me. Jeff