66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Power Steering Hose


Where do I get the proper power steering hose?


Posted by Chris Herndon on 2/10/08

NAPA Auto Parts

Item#: NPS71108

Price: $18.49

Perfect match


Posted by Don Dodson on 5/29/03

My mechanic told me he tried to get a power steering hose for a 67 GTX he was working on and his normal sources had dried up and the only place he could find with the hose was Year One. I looked in Year One catalog and the part number is FD324 which indicates that the hose was obtained from Chrysler with the FD suffix, but that ain't the case unless Year One has a built up supply of them. My mechanic is a Mopar Guru and has connections to Chrysler through Herb McCandless and I am passing along this info in case anyone wants to get a power steering hose for down the road maybe's. I ordered my spare hose this morning using 20% discount code HOT3A and they were of course happy to oblige me. Price with the discount was $35.96 minus that $2.00 package protection fee and shipping of $8.50 for a total of $44.46

This hose is for 1967-1968 B-body models. Don't know what the 66 Charger people are doing for hoses, but I thought there were the same. Ya'll kick this around and maybe we can find where Year One gets these hoses. They certainly don't make them themselves.


Posted by Mike Romberg on 5/30/03

I was able to get one from Checker Auto Parts (cheaper than Year One) just a couple of weeks ago. The trick was to tell them I had a 68 instead of a 67. This fools thier computer system into finding the part :). You will need to know what kind of pump you have (federal/saginaw) as the hoses are different. Also, I'm about 90% sure the pump on my '67 was off my parts car 66. So, at least the host for the federal pump in 68 fits this.


Posted by Aarin on 7/26/03

If you have a hose with good tubing and fittings, and just the hose itself is bad - many industrial supply shops can replace the hose and crimp it in like the original part. Make sure they know it is for high pressure (PS systems can spike to 2200 psi). I have not had to do this yet, as I have always been able to buy a correct hose assembly, so I cant vouch for the appearance of the final product. I imagine if you really wanted to get crafty, you could start with any hose that had hard lines formed the right way and make the hose portion longer or shorter to fit. This could get you out af a jam with a rare hose.