66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide


Posted by Dan Mc on 06/06/03

The spoiler is mounted right along the inside edge of the trunk molding with the screw side facing the front of the car.

Posted by Kelly Molnaron 04/15/04 and updated by Daniel Daigneault on 10/30/05

The spoiler can be purchased from ACME
3405 172nd ST, NE #5, PMB #216
Arlington, Washington 98223

[email protected] Superbirdbob

This is a reproduction of a spoiler originally provided by Brian (A383wing)

Posted by Jeff Brookings on 04/15/04

They are $475.00 plus $50.00 for shipping, handling and insurance.

Posted by Ken G on 02/28/06:

Original spoilers in 66 were dealer sold and if necessary, dealer installed. NO factory installed, just parts counter sales. Phillips head sheet metal screws were used to fasten the 3 pieces to the 1/4s and deck lid.  Actually, the first version was just the deck lid piece, followed by the addition of the "short" 1/4 panel blades, and the final version was the 'full" 1/4 panel blades.  All three versions were due to the NASCAR racers and the need for more downforce for stability, and NASCARS response to the race teams.

I have no time line for what version was used from when to when for 66 or 67. In 67 the spoilers were supposedly factory installed, but I believe they were shipped in the trunk with the wheel covers/hubcaps, radio antenna, front tag bracket and tag screw and nylon buttons for front and rear, when they were available, because most went to the USAC, ARCA and NASCAR teams as well as the indenpendent short track teams.  Racers had priority over street production....WIN on SUNDAY...SELL on MONDAY !!! Also if you see any late 66 or 67 Nascar pictures, you will notice a spoiler that looks more like a tall ( 3-4" ) sheet metal deal on the back of the cars.  
Click here for pictures and text from a magazine quoting some Dodge PR on the spoiler.

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