66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Seat Belts

Posted by Ken Scobel on 08/29/05

(I believe) rear seatbelts were optional on the 66's. Here's my window sticker for proof

(Editor's note:  the seatbelts themselves were mandatory, it was the retractable function that was an option - reference A383 Wing 03/02/08)

Automatic retractors are only on the outside belts. The belts with the buckle don't have them.

Posted by Andy

I had Ssnake Oyl redo the seatbelts in my car. They did an awesome job matching the color of the belts, painting the retractor holders for the front seats, and they replate all the hardware if you want. Good service.

Posted by Jon on 02/21/11

Here's a link to a lady that does seatbelts. I believe she quoted someone $75 per seat. I'm not sure how bad their originals were. sharonswebinc.com