66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Robert's13 sec. '67 Charger Recipe

13.4 to 12.99 second 66/67 Dodge Charger Bracket car

Weight with driver � 4050 pounds


Rear Tires � BFG Comp TA 28" tall x 7" wide

Front Tires - BFG Comp TA 26" tall x 9"wide

Summit # BFG-64148

Summit #BFG-45185



Axle � 4.30 ratio sure grip, 489 case

Find one at a swap meet or Moparts on-line


Stock leaf springs

Whatever is on the car


Stock shocks all around

Whatever is on the car


Adjustable pinion snubber set 1" below floor

Mopar Perf. #


Front Wheels � US Wheels 15x8 (chromed steel)

Rear Wheels � US Wheels 15x10 (chromed steel)

Summit # US Wheel 15x8

Summit # US Wheel 15x10



Floor Mounted B&M shifter

Summit # BMM-80690


Transmission oil cooler with fan

Summit # FLX4190



727 Transmission, rebuild by local trans shop, nothing special,

Local Trans Shop - if you remove and install it yourself


Transgo shift kit

Summit # TRG-TFOD-518


273K torque converter

Mopar Performance


Manually shift at 6200 RPM





440 block .030 over, bored/honed with deck plate, align bore crank

Local Speed Shop


440 steel crank reground .010 under

Local Crankshaft Shop


Stock steel rods, magnafluxed and resized (6 pack rods preferred)

Muscle Motors


$395 (six pack)

Piston kit Federal Mogule #CSMHP816-311

Summit #FEM-CSMHP816-311


Press Piston Pins and Competition balance

Local Speed Shop


Stock flex plate

Mopar Performance #


Stock Damper

With original block


906 heads, with 2.14/1.81 valves and pocket porting

Compu-Flow Head Service


Edelbrock 440 Torker II manifold



Edelbrock 750 cfm carb.



Timing set to 36 degrees advance by 2500



Mopar performance "509" cam kit

Mopar Perfromance


Harland Sharp adjustable rockers arms

Harland Sharp


Stock length, custom "ball/cup" pushrods.

Compu-Flow Head Service



This chassis and motor set up was built and ran 13.5. The weight was 3850 pounds for the car and 200 pounds for me for a total race weight of 4050 pounds. The total cost of all the parts listed above is about $. A speed shop will assemble the motor for an additional $550 or so.

Tuning the jets and removing the power steering pump got the time down to 13.05. On a real cool October evening it ran a 12.76. I felt that the car did not have enough carb; but I couldn�t find the money at that time to upgrade it����.at that time (2001).

My 66 had a toasted motor and transmission when I got it, so I needed some kind of rebuild. I should really have done the stage 2 rebuild, but at this time in my ownership, I thought I wanted to do the car cruise thing.

I caught the speed bug and along came stage 2.