66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Peak Moldings





Submitted by Jeff Brookings

Step 1. Removal of door and rear quarter trim is pretty easy. You must be careful if you are trying to save the paint. I suggest a piece of heavy cardboard to use as a cushion for the prying instrument against the paint, then just locate each clip or retainer and pry the trim off as close as possible to the clips. There are also some clips with retaining nuts on the doors visible with the door open. The one exception here is the "candy cane" trim on the rear. The retaining nuts are inside the trunk area and usually easy to remove.(see pictures for location of studs and clips) The fender trim also uses clips except for the front retainer which has a nut and the rear of this piece of trim where the retaining nut is visible with the door open. The front piece can be manipulated so that it will come off without removing the nut. "Be careful here". Now comes the grinding, welding and smoothing. More info later. Link to progress and a finished car here---