66-67 Dodge Charger Source Guide

Ragnar's Icelandic National Leader

Last weekend the car set a new national record in my drag racing class here in Iceland!
The category I compete in is termed MC (Muscle Car) and the record is 12.18 @ 112.41 mph. My 60 ft. was 1.919.
The record was set at a track with a relatively coarse surface, and on this race day track operators did not apply any track bite to the surface.
There are some restrictions to tuning cars for this category. The biggest ones being no head porting, 2 1/2" exhaust max., no lightening of vehicle, no slicks and only DOT tires with horizontal thead and max. 10" converter. Car has to have full stock body and full interior. I am currently in the points lead for the Icelandic Championship in the Muscle Car Class after two of five races. I will do my best to go for high elevens, but only at the last meet because I do not wanna be forced to put a roll cage into my ride.
Some guys at the track were amazed to see how this heavy beast ate up the competition.

Here is my current record breaking set-up:
Car: 66 Charger (full body and interior) 4040 lbs with me in it. 400 block w. 451 Muscle Motor stroker kit with 10.69:1 CR Edelbrock heads from Muscle Motors with valve job and Isky springs (no porting is allowed in my class).
850 Holley HP. Jets front; #80. Jets rear; #82. Stock #31 squirters.
1 1/2" carb spacer
Edelbrock TM6 manifold
Ignition is an MSD pro billet with a 6AL box and a MSD Blaster 2 coil.
Hooker 1 3/4" headers w 3" collectors that are 24" long (the max. lenght for this class). Exhaust is full length 2 1/2" with an X-pipe. Dynomax Hemi Turbo mufflers.
Crane ductile Iron rockers
Competition Cams solid cam. 255 deg @.050" with .582" lift @.050.
MP windage tray
High vol. oil pump with 1/2" pick-up and deep sump oil pan.
Carter mechanical fuel pump with stock dia fuel lines. I have a Holley blue pump on the shelve but I have not noticed any starvation problems, and since I do not want to butcher the car no more than neccessary I have not used the Holley pump so far.
Trans is a stock �66 727 unit with an 11" TCI converter and a B&M transpack
Rear is a 742 with a Dana Powerlok and 4.10 ratio
Tires: McCreary American Racer 10" wide.
Shift points are 5600-5700 and trap rpm is around 5700 rpm.

Ragnar in Iceland